We assist Chinese students in school, career and life preparation.

Study Abroad Programs

Seattle Pioneers is dedicated to providing high quality, personalized US study abroad programs, advising you on American University studies. Also helping Chinese high school students attend school in the US to achieve academic success.

English Proficiency

We serve high school students and high school graduates, or any student with desires to study in the USA. Every student's needs are different and we'll work with them to develop a personal plan.

Managed Services

When children come to United States for high school, they are not yet mature, they face a new world. Seattle Pioneers provides a fully managed service to help students and parents to face these challenges.

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Seattle Pioneers study abroad programs help your dreams come true!



Education is the first step towards a full and enriching career. With our help, we can improve the quality of your child’s education. We udnerstand how important it is for your child to compete with others for the best education so they can have a rich and successful career and life. We are grateful to each and every student and their parents.

With the deepening of globalization into every fabric of our lives, more and more Chinese families seek overseas development. Seattle Pioneers is prepared to help families realize their dreams.

Seattle Pioneers has a lot of resources we can bring to assist in studying abroad, we can also act on your behalf to develop contracts with any of the great local private middle and high schools.We also have access to American homestay opportunities for your child to confidently stay. We can provide students with the real American life experiences while providing for student safety and very good care while also allowing them to personal freedom.

We work with high school students, high school graduates, or any student who wishes a long-term learning opportunity in the US. Every student has different and unique needs so we partner with you to find the suitable school.


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